Ants Control

There are different types of ants which includes

Argentine ants- could become a large threat, as the colony size can become monumental, sometimes covering entire habitats.
Carpenter Ants- ant species got their name from excavating wood in structures in order to build nests, resulting in smooth tunnels running inside the wooden structure.
Ghost Ants- look like tiny, white apparitions who suddenly appear and seem to disappear just as quickly. They are found both inside and outside.
Pavement Ants- Pavement ants get their name from nesting underneath pavements or in cracks in pavement. They can also inhabit structures.

Signs of Ants

  • Damaging of any Wood within which they nest.
  • Presence of workers inside the building.
  • Piles of wood shavings found beneath wood items.
  • Faint rustling noises inside woodwork.

How to get rid of Ants

Two types of Ant Problems –

  • Ants that live Outside and forage Inside – do ant control outside
  • Ants that already have a nest built inside – do ant control Inside

Ant Control Strategy should depend on type of Infestation and type of Ant. Treatment plans should include killing the entire colony.


  • Eliminate water and food sources
  • eliminate access points.
  • Do proper sanitation of the popular Hangouts.

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