House Fly Control (Musca domestica)

The most common fly species found in Habitations, Lives on garbage or manure. Adult Insects are grey to black with four dark longitudinal lines on the thorax slightly hairy bodies and a single pair of membranous wings. They have red eyes.

Signs of Houseflies

House flies are almost universally viewed as pests. While their presence is annoying to most humans. They are capable of carrying and spreading diseases such as cholera, salmonella anthrax, tuberculosis. Houseflies tend to congregate in Groups and will buzz freely around food sources.

How to get rid of Houseflies?

Chemical method

  • Fly Strips -can be placed in Low -access rooms, such as attics and storerooms.
  • Fly Bait -can eliminate adult flies when methods are in place that reduce breeding sites.
  • Aerosol-contact sprays can be used to knock down adult flies after elimination of breeding sites and exclusion methods are in effect.
  • Ultra-Low dosage application of non-residual pesticides can be used if an adult infestation must be quickly reduced outside.

Non-Chemical method

Electric Flytraps will control number of adult flies.


Sanitation-Emphasize sanitation to remove food and breeding sites. Garbage Left in the building or on loading docks is an attraction. Garbage should be removed from the premises twice a week.

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